1. What if I have special health considerations ?
    If you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, varicose veins, or other health concerns, please consult doctor prior to seeking our spa & beauty services.
  2. I’m pregnant, can I experience massage or beauty therapy ?
    Yes we have beauty therapists who are specially trained to offer services for pregnant customers. Please kindly inform our front desk staff during reservation, so that we can be well-prepared and cautious about your treatments. For pregnant customers we avoid using any beauty machines on them, that only treatments by hands can be applied. Moreover, only customers who are pregnant for more than 3 months can undergo pregnancy massage.
  3. What if I am late or even cancellation for my appointment ?
    You Must call us to let us know you are running late and the time you expect to arrive, also according as per your booking time to finished and charged, cutting times is not considered as a reason for booking at the last moment. Cancellation of booking at least 4 hours advance or the full value of your treatment will be charged.
  4. Do I have to pay any additional charges ?
    All prices are net, excluding gratuities.
  5. How should I give gratuities ?
    Our spa staff is dedicated to exceed your expectations and create a memorable spa experience. Gratuities for these efforts are greatly appreciated and can be either given to the staff member directly, or put inside the tips boxes located at our front desk area.
  6. Do you accept credit cards ?
    Yes, we accept American Express, Visa and Master Card. No extra charge on credit card for amount more than $200 Hong Kong dollars.
  7. Are you provide reminder call service ?
    We are provide reminder call service for remind customers of upcoming appointments, but this is not for booking confirming.
  8. Do you have services available for men ?
    Certainly all of our services are available for both men and women.
  9. Do you have male therapists ?
    Sorry we do not have male therapists at the time being. We would love to have some but it is not easy to recruit male therapists.
  10. Does offer gift vouchers ?
    Yes! Our gift vouchers are the perfect gift of relaxation and beauty for those special people in your life. Whether a birthday present, thank you to someone who’s helped you, or treat for a loved one, we have the perfect treatment experience available!
  11. Is there any parking available nearby ?
    Recommend nearest parking are at the Man Yee Building or the Center.