• Body & Foot Massage

    • Swedish Aroma Massage
      Rejuvenates your body and soul. Eases muscle fatigue & leads to a peaceful, sweet dream and stress-free tranquility.
    • Oriental Massage
      Focuses on therapeutic massage on Chinese acupuncture points to reduce muscle cramp, helps rectify blood flows and pacify muscles nervousness.
    • Bamboo Massage
      Enhances blood and lymphatic circulation. Relieves muscle and tension tightness. Increases sense of relaxation and well-being. Alleviates edema problem.
    • Lymphatic Massage
      Detoxification and balance body’s metabolism. Activates circulation of blood and the lymphatic system.
    • Magnetic Meridian Massage
    • Instant Stress Relief Massage
      Focuses on meridian points to reduce muscle cramp, relax and boost blood circulation.
    • Energy Hot Stone Body Treatment
      A deeply relaxing massage with warm stones to release healing energy. Excellent for total relaxation as well as alleviation of minor aches and pains. Leads to a peaceful, sweet dream and stress-free tranquility.
    • Oriental Foot Reflexology
      With traditional Chinese medical philosophy as basis, pressing the acupuncture points on feet, especially suitable for the treatment of varicosity and foot fatigue. Enhances the performance of various internal organs. Relieves tiring and swollen feet.
    • Spot-Lymphatic Massage — By Part(s)
      Massage focuses on specific areas of strain includes head, shoulder, waist and abdomen, aiming to improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic system. Effective in relieving body fatigue and pain.
    • Pre & Post Pregnancy Care
  • Slimming & Body Treatments

    • Target Shape
    • Alpha Oxy Spa
      OxyThermie Therapy is the combination of 99% pure oxygen and heat. It facilitates the deep and rapid infusion of topically applied products to the skin. Targeted benefits are achieved from the various combinations of oxygen, heat and the appropriate oxygenated skincare products.
    • Body Scrub
      Effectively removes pollutants and dead cells from skin. Rejuvenates your body with a glowing skin tone and silky-smooth sensation.
    • Bust Reshape Treatment
      100% Natural aromatherapy essential to increase the hormone secretion, making bust looks naturally larger in good shape and round in contour.
    • Detox Slimming Abdomen Therapy
    • 3-Max Plus(Fat Cells Burst / Lymphatic Drainage / Lipolysis / Body reshape)
    • Bamboo Reshape & Slimming Treatment
      Enhances blood and lymphatic circulation. Detoxification. Fights edema and cellulites. Shaping the body a better figure.
    • Abdomen Massage with slimming mask
    • Magnetic Resonance Meridian Machine
    • Magnetic Resonance Beauty Treatment
  • Facial Treatments

    • ~ SKIN NEED — SKIN Reborn Facial
      Using 100% naturally derived ingredients with scientifically proven, the formulations can be custom-blended to treat the entire spectrum of skin types and the majority of skin problems under varying internal and external conditions. The formulas aim to induce noticeable improvements in skin texture, radiance, resilience, anti-oxidants, and aging, ultimately achieving optimal skin health in naturally-induces mode of reactions.
    • ~ SKIN NEED — SKIN Reborn Perfect Facial
    • ~ SKIN NEED — Intense Nourishing and Firming Treatment
      High-tech ingredients Penta and Hexapeptides modulate muscle contraction to reduce the appearance of fine lines and expressions as well as stimulate collagen growth for a lifted and firm complexion; combined with our new Creme Masque that is infused with Archangelica Extract and Sake Enzymes to gently but potently degrade melanin and balance skin tone, the treatment provides a multi-dynamic renewing, firming, and skin brightening effect.Targets: dry, dull, stressed, and sensitive skin associated with pigmentation and loss of elasticity
    • ~ Dr. Grandel — BEAUTYGEN Treatment
      The BEAUTYGEN series contains the extract from snow algae, which activates the skin’s “beautygen”. The higher elasticity. Snow algae verifiably increase skin cell activity and reduce damages caused by UV radiation. Snow Algae Extract is convincing thru its high antioxidative potential. Renewing, Youthful, Rejuvenating.
    • ~ Dr. Grandel — NUTRI SENSATION
      The innovative nourishing formula to regenerate the skin.
      Deeply nourishing
      Instant Perfecting and Firming
      Aging defense
      Visibly regenerated and Age Delay
    • ~ Dr. Grandel — Epigran Treatment
    • ~ YON-KA — Le Grand Oily Treatment
    • ~ YON-KA — Hydralessence Treatment
      YON-KA strives to provide a moment of great pleasure and deep relaxation, a journey for the senses and visible, long-lasting results for everyone and at all ages, and no matter how long or short the treatment.
    • ~ YON-KA — HydraSun Treatment
    • ~ Caviar Collagen Facial
      Caviar essence contains precious protein, various vitamins and minerals etc. that can instantly activate the skin cells and recover the tender luster. The vitality of skin cells can be remarkably increased, thus making the skin regains moisture, softness and smoothness. The treatment can also improve the natural defense system of skin, as skin can be tightened with a better contour. An additional effect to smoothen and calm down skin sensitivity.
    • ~ Stem Cell Repair Treatment
      Cellular Gold Repair
      With the cutting-edge nanotechnology, pure gold is synthesized into particles with the diameter less than 50um, which can penetrate deep into the skin, activating and refreshing the cells.
      Papillion Rose Mask
      The precious rose stem cells can protect and also activate the skin cells to regenerate energy, enhancing moisturizing, anti-oxidizing and anti-aging effects.
    • ~ EGF Whitening & Hydrating Treatment
      Stimulates cell growth, reduces wrinkles & fine lines. Increases skin elasticity and minimizes pores. Deep hydrating and moisturizing effect. Lighten up skin illumination and reduces pigmentations. Improves skin tone. Anti-oxidative and delay skin aging process.
    • ~ L-Light + Electroporation System
      The L-Light RF + Electroporation System is the newest technology in skin texture and skin health improvement that combines 3 essentiaal aspects of facial treatments including lifting, and soothing irritated skin.
    • ~ Moxa Firming Treatment
      Through the warm stimulation of moxa fire, the moxa therapy is applied on specific areas of human body to dilate local skin blood capillaries, reinforce local blood and lymphatic circulation, thus strengthening metabolic capability of skin tissues. It has soothing and analgesic effects and, in combination with Montibello Firming Corrective Concentrate from Spain, it helps to promote the absorption of effective products and instantly repairs elastic collagen. Together with skilful facial massage, the therapy can effectively remove fine lines, improve face contour and significantly achieve skin firming, strengthening and consolidating effects.
    • ~ Neuro Repair Sensitive Treatment
    • ~ Multi-Polar RF (Face)
    • ~ Needle Sponge Treatment
      When Refresh Peel Solution is mixed with Needle Sponge Powder, the skin beautification functions can be exerted completely together with the professional teachniques of beauticians. The mixture can be infused into derma and thus stimulate the production of collagen and enhance skin’s metabolism as well. Meanwhile, it can help detoxify skin and remove excess water from the body.
      Minimize obvious facial pores
      Reduce the accumulation of melanin and whiten skin complexion
      Lighten the acne spots and scars on face
      Flatten out fine lines, expression lines and wrinkles obviously
      Refresh, revitalize and energize skin
    • ~ Perfect Touch
    • ~ 20 times Deep Moisturizing Treatment
  • Add-On Treatment

    • Ultrasound Treatment (Part)
      Activating the cells by using ultrahigh frequency vibration to break the nutrients into small molecules, providing direct penetration and absorption to the underlying skin. Restoring fine and tender skin.
    • Diamond Peeling Extra Treatment
      Quick removal of aged cuticles and lightens pigments and scars, such as acne and seborrheic keratosis. Achieves an even skin tone, whilst removing dullness and improving skin brightness as well as transparency.
    • Endermo Lift
      A high-tech therapy applied to eyes, face and neck, promoting lymphatic drainage and face slimming purpose. Improves double chin problem, so as to sharpen up facial contours and smoothen wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Lymphatic Drainage Ear Candling
      Clearing of ear dirt and oil so as to relieve tinnitus and ear itchy problem. Can balance emotions and relieve stress to promote good sleep at night.
    • Deep Cleaning Back Treatment
      Deep cleaning and removing keratin, moisturizing back skin and leaving your back smooth and moist.
    • Hydra Facial
    • Oxy Jet
    • Skin Polyps Removal
    • Bio Body Machine
  • Eye Treatments

    • Caviar Collagen Eye Treatment
    • Gentle Eye Treatment
      To smoothen eye areas so as to restore their healthiness, sharpness and softness. Preventing and mitigating all kinds of eye aging problems, including crow’s feet, pouch and dark circles, etc.
    • M6 Lifting Eye Treatment
      Lift Massage and the patent technology of LPG can deeply stimulate the cells and increase collagen as well as elastic fiber at eye areas. Promotes blood circulation and effectively removes loosen eye pouches, also reduces fine lines and crow’s feet around eyes.
    • Hot Stone Eye Treatment
      Hot stones are rich in minerals and can promote cell metabolism. The treatment improves blood capillary circulation, effectively removes dark circles and reliefs eye fatigue.
    • Eyelash Tabbing
      Curls the eyelashes enduringly.
    • Multi-Polar RF (Eye)
  • Neck Treatments

    • Ultra Hydrating Neck Treatment
      Instantly hydrates the neck skin areas which effectively reduces neck wrinkles.
    • Collagen Neck Treatment
      Refresh — Removes aged keratin and restores the natural refreshing cycle, presenting an even complexion of neck skin/
      Activate — Accelerates the lymphatic circulation and quickly expels toxin substances around neck areas.
      Regenerate — Activates the self-regeneration and repairing ability of the skin, promotes cell metabolism, prevents and reduces wrinkle formation on neck.
    • Multi-Polar RF (Neck)
  • Hand & Foot Treatments

    • Essential Paraffin Hand Treatment
    • Essential Paraffin Foot Treatment
    • Express Hand Treatment
    • Express Foot Treatment
    • Manicure
    • Pedicure
    • Intensive Pedicure
    • Express Manicure
    • Express Pedicure
    • Men’s Manicure
    • Men’s Pedicure
    • French
    • Nail Re-varnish
    • Single Color Nail Painting (Full Set)
  • Gel Nail Service

    • Gel Nail (Hand) Soak Off Gel (Hand)
    • Gel Nail (Foot) Soak Off Gel (Foot)
    • Gel Nail (Each)
    • Cuticle Care (for Gel Nail only)
    • Extra Color (Each Color)
    • French with Gel
    • Glitter with Gel
    • Extension (Full Set)
    • Extension (Each)
    • Artificial Diamond (per piece)
    • Buffing
    • Removal
  • Men’s Treatments

    • Nail Service
    • Slimming & Body Treatments
    • Facial Treatments
  • Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup

    • Consultation for Eyebrow Embroidery
    • Mist Eyebrow / Spring Eyebrow
    • Hair Strokes + Combination Eyebrow
    • Korean Invisible Eyeline
    • Korean Eyeline
    • Korean Lip Tattoo
    • Korean Eyelash Extensions

    • Pico Laser (face)
    • Pico Laser (neck)
    • Honeycomb Pico Laser (face)
    • Honeycomb Pico Laser (neck)
  • HIFU

    • HIFU Body:
    • Arm
    • Upper Leg
    • Abdomen